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3-24-2012: second anniversary of my Spirit Guide’s ‘arrival’ ~

I returned to this blog to tell those interested in learning about my spirit guide, Houman E Emami, that I have begun to write “Notes” about my experiences with Houman’s spirit. I have only just begun to recount all that there is to share.  In time, I will use those notes to make posts to copy and paste to this blog.  It is time to ‘come out’…there are many who might Google Houman’s name and can find solace in what I have learned.

In service to The Divine,

Mary Regina


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  1. Alesia Regan-Hughes said:

    We knew Houman when he lived in Seattle. He is a beautiful soul and is also one of my husband’s spirit guide. I am very interested in your “notes” about contact with Houman’s spirit. Our daughter Sasia, passed over in June of last year and we have had many messages, signs and communications from her. We have been overwhelmed and amazed by what we have received. It is so important to share this with the world, and I am very grateful that you are doing that now as it will help others to understand that life truly continues and we are here to learn. Thank you!

    • Beautiful, Alesia~ Yes…I finally came to accept how important it is to speak up…nothing to hide.After being such a staunch agnostic, it was so hard to ‘go public.’ Houman knew I needed SOLID EVIDENCE, to change from total agnostic. I will blog more about it all, but basically, one of the things he eventually ‘told me’ was that he knew me in a past life…when I died in that lifetime, he was present and told me he would be there for me ‘down the road’… he was, always will be…same as Sasia for you ~ xo~

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