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Well…here I am, over 2 years since this current incarnation I live in brought Houman into my awareness; since I received my ‘scientific proof’ of ‘the paranormal,’ which now is normal for me…

OKAY…so, tonight, I want to recount my second experience with Houman’s spirit.

On March 24, 2010, after feeling SO relaxed from my very first massage and cranio-sacral session with “B,” I actually booked another appointment with her.  As you will recall from my prior post, I left there not really ‘believing in’ my first conscious experience of Houman that day, and since “B”‘s work was SO EXCELLENT, I thought before I left that I should book a 90 minute session for myself, for the following Wednesday, March 31st, 2010.

Never did I expect to experience again Houman’s spirit…because I had only gotten the testimony of one person at that point, about Houman saying he was working during his meditations on leaving energy behind for someone who would be coming to live in the cottage I had moved into post his death.

So….I showed up the next week, telling “B” about the landlord’s testimony matching hers…We both talked about it, and confirmed with one another that there was no reason to expect a ‘repeat’ of the prior week’s experience.  So, I changed out of my clothes and we began what was a lovely and very relaxing massage….that is, until the very end, when she was working at my feet, and I felt both of my hands beginning to feel hot…

I knew I had to move them, and I didn’t want to startle her, so I told her, “B, I need to move my arms,” and she said ‘ok,’….as soon as I moved them, they ‘shot right behind me’…arms stretched out next to my head (I was on my back at that point), and I then FELT HOUMAN HOLDING BOTH OF MY HANDS.

This is, so far, the only time I have actually felt Houman touching me.

Within a short time, he ‘transmitted to me’ information, without words…

This is what he told me:

1)That he was again on the same dimension as before, and in the same time as I and “B” – like before…

2) That he had information for me to share with others.

3) The first part of the info: That we are all seedlings of God, sent here to grow Love/God.

4) The second part; and, more importantly, I was told that all we do on this plane not only affects our own soul’s destiny, but that of ALL of the souls on the dimension he was on.

That second part seems to me, so far, to be something ‘a little new’ in the reports from ‘the other side’….as I have been reading up on such events/experiences since ‘they’ began to happen ‘to me.’

….the INTERACTION of Human and Spirit ….

the great importance of our actions here and now.

Well…after I shared with “B” that Houman ‘was here again,’ and what he had to say, he let go…

and…to my GREAT SURPRISE, I left there feeling TOTALLY EXHAUSTED.

I had gone from VERY relaxed and so peaceful, to TOTAL EXHAUSTION.

It actually felt weird to pay “B” money, but I had made the appt, and so, of course I paid and tipped…

Driving home, I had to pull over to cry. I realized that the exhaustion was the price I had to pay for the connection…

So…I am going to leave this post with no other thoughts.  Just ‘that’.

THAT is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED, and it felt as real as real can get.


I had no thought of letting go…it didn’t even enter my mind, neither did trying to hold on.

Well…I want to add one more thing:

After that day, I realized that ‘the willing servant of God’ that I had been as a young child in Catholic School had never left me, even after my disillusionment with The Catholic Church. I sure thought I had changed…but, my soul, apparently, never let go of the receptivity to Truth.

Yes, I was a ‘soft atheist,’ but I always acknowledged that Science, as much as I KNEW THAT I, personally, NEEDED “Scientific proof,” could never measure all energies ‘out there,’ since we would always be bound by our humanness…

Glad I kept ‘an open mind’…learned that it was equally important to have kept ‘an open heart.’

Happier, still, that Houman somehow KNEW I needed scientific proof, and he sure made certain that I, and you, ‘got it,’ when he told those independent people of his intent to leave ‘some of his energy’ behind…for me.

Next post: How I came to understand ‘his suicide.’

Namaste, and good night, dear All ~ Mary Regina


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