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Houman being remembered by his Japanese followers.

I just had to share this photo I came across of Houman…

…Christ-like image… Alesia referred to him as Christ-like.

I must also share that I have seen the film, “The God that Wasn’t There,” and have concluded that perhaps Christ was truly only a myth, as I always thought, or perhaps a soul in Heaven like St. Paul believed… perhaps ‘he’ also made ‘appearances’… In any case, Houman did look very ‘spiritual.’ Grigor told me after all of this began that people who saw Houman on the street would come up to him and ask him if he was a spiritual teacher. Also, he apparently wore white shirts and black pants often…

These are things, like most everything I know about him, that I have only come to know since the first ‘encounter.’


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  1. Alesia Regan-Hughes said:

    We always thought Houman was Christ-like…. both in Spirit and form.

  2. I went to my first ‘spiritual circle’ this past Tuesday – all women, at a gorgeous property by the ocean, just one mile below where we live. The woman who holds it showed this book, which I ordered the next day: The Christ Blueprint: 13 Keys To Christ Consciousness ~ The term “Christ ConSciousness” resonated with me a few days earlier…and I was thinking that there really should be a church that is for ‘past’ Christians…perhaps ‘woken’ Christians…those who believe that WE are the second coming of Christ. I don’t know what Houman believed about Christ, but I do know what he told me about Gurus – something I still want to write a post about: That no one should follow a guru. Interesting irony, because I have heard that some people – and see from this photo – that some people tried to make him into a guru… Anyway, i am so happy to have seen your comment Alesia. Sometimes I feel very much alone in ‘this’ endeavor… Sasia and Houman just now remind me… they are very much here, and there…we are always with Love, and Love is always with us…we are Love…we are ‘the Christ,’ in our free will…expressing itself in many forms. Much love from across the Ocean of Love.

  3. Mary aka: Mystic Houman called me 'Suma' said:

    I am so thrilled to have found this site, and to read about my dear friend Houman. He and I met in Spokane and later dated when we were in Seattle, for 7 months before he left for India. At first we thought I was supposed to go with him, but in meditations it became clear that I was to move to Arizona. So I left for AZ 7 days after he left for India. We were able to send a Fax or 2 and a couple of letters while he was in India. The last time we spoke on this level was after he returned, and he said he had met a lady, I believe he said that she was from Italy. I knew also that later he had moved to the Big Island….he always loved that area. He gave me his prayer shawl before he left on his journey to India, and some prayer beads. I cherish them, and the beautiful cards and notes/letters that he gave me when we were in Seattle. I knew he had gotten very ill in India because he called out to me on another level, and I rushed to him and held him and sang to him. He was so very ill. Recently he came to me and then I looked him up on the internet and read that he had drowned. I knew in my heart that he had left on his own terms…he was ready. I felt angry at first that he hadn’t let me know sooner, but…no time and space, right? I felt his joy and that helped me to, to know he was where he wanted to be. I haven’t talked to his brother since Houman came back to Seattle from India, (10+ yrs ago?) but when the time is right we will…they were so close. I have a few pictures of us/him if you’d like me to post them. Typing this I feel him with me and see his beautiful smile. You are always in my heart my beloved Houman.

    • Dear “Suma” ~ What a beautiful moment this is to have learned about you via my blog. As you have read, I never met Houman incarnate…so, yes, it would be lovely to receive some photos. I am not exactly sure how to ‘approve’ a commenter for posting a file upload, so probably best to email me with them, and I can post them with whatever text you would like, into the blog. Please know that I am truly happy to have been able to assist you in finding some closure as to what exactly happened to his ‘human form’ ..and am very happy for you that he has come to you, also, from another dimension. Babak told me that Houman has come to him also, telling him exactly what I was told with my first contact…that Houman ‘conveyed’ that he was on another dimension and very happy to be there. Sending much aloha to you… and joining with you in your joy of knowing the deeply loving and courageous soul of Houman.

  4. Hi, everybody! I am so touched by what you have written about Houman! My name is Teresa, I am from Italy and Houman and I had a relationship for three years, from 1995 to 1998. We met in India and we went to Seattle first and Hawaii later. He was the love of my life and since we broke, I have not had any relationship anymore. We didn’t have many contacts since I came back to Italy and I knew about his death on the Internet….shocking for me !
    I totally agree with…I don’t know the name…the person who wrote about his suicide. I knew Houman was really suffering from being here and in a way this was my first thought when I knew he died….he finally got rid of all the physical limitations and could fly free!
    I don’t know much about his life after I left…but last year his dear brother Babak with his wife Myra came to Italy and we spend few days together, it was wonderful, and we could share many things about Houman. I know he started to teach and to have followers. I am very happy that you love him so much. He was really a special person and I know him very well, not only as the person I was in love with but also as the divine being he is (we all are, but he was fully aware of it),
    I have many pictures of him and me taken in India, Seattle and Hawaii. If you are interested, you can send me an e-mail and I will send them to you. I also would like to know more about all of you and your personal relationship to him and if you like, I could share more of me with you. Thank you for loving him so much!
    My e-mail is: I hope to hear from you!

    • Aloha, Teresa ~ Thank you for this post. I am happy to learn that Babak and his wife had a sweet visit with you in Italy recently. I would enjoy corresponding with you via email and did see the message you sent privately. I will reply to it in a few moments. Much love.

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