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I sit here listening to just gorgeous music… a chant CD that Houman owned and loved, sent to me by Grigor – yes, THE very CD.

Here is the CD info :” double album on one CD”…  by  the group known as ‘On Wings of Song’ & Robert Gass -conductor :

1) om namaha shivaya   and

2) hara hara


OK…so, about the book that Houman co-wrote, and which “B” told me about after my first encounter with Houman:

I have just now come across this link.  Please remember that Houman wrote this with the now-named “Anadi’ before Houman left his last incarnation. According to Grigor, the drawings may be from either Houman or his brother, Babak, or a combination of both? :


Comments on: "Link to Houman’s book~ long preview available to read online ~" (2)

  1. Beloved Friends who are drawn here
    I have this book in pdf form if anybody wants. Truly remarkable book, touched me profoundly. This along with 2 books by Aziz Kristof (now Anadi) are now sold for a ridiculous price. I have hunted for Trasmission of Awakening for nearly 2 years myself until Sat sold it to me in 2011.
    If somebody want feel free to contact me via email – questionmarek@ and then you put (I wrote this in such a way to prevent spamming robot to take my address)

    • Dear Servio,

      Thank you so much for your post, and for wanting to share the pdf of the book “Enlightenment Beyond Traditions”…Houman’s collaboration with Aziz.

      Blessings to you,
      Gina (Big Island Butterfly)

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