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Beloved daughter and sister ~

Dear All,
I have received permission to post about another Soul who Houman has come to touch. A beautiful woman and mother named Alesia. She and her husband and their son lost, in human form, their Sweet Sasia. My accounting of Houman’s unending love for me, of how I was given evidence by him of his existence beyond death, of a love I have no physical experience of in this incarnation, other than having him hold my hands during our second ‘exchange,’ brought spiritual comfort to Sasia’s mother… When I received her comment from last August, I was returning to this blog for the sole/soul purpose of ‘leaving all of this in cyberspace’ for just such possibilities…for others who might “Google” Houman. Never did I think that one of those persons might actually have needed comforting post losing a child!, nor did I ever think ‘he/she/they’ might actually have met Houman…As you will read from the copied/pasted Facebook messages below, that is exactly what came to be….  Alesia told me that I could use her words as I, guided by Houman, felt fit to do ~ I feel it is right to have copied/pasted our communications in full. I have hope that reading this post will also help others who come across this blog… anyone who has had to grieve…
What is odd about me, in this case, is that I am 54, and I have yet to experience anyone REALLY close to me dying. In fact, the ONLY memorial service I have ever been to, so far, in my life has been that of an ex-husband’s alcoholic/demented-at-the-end grandmother…I had only met her once, and there was NO emotional connection, as she had been quite self-absorbed, so the service was simply a family obligation.  Funny… all of our lives are exactly as our souls need them to be…
Well, not much more to say, except that I know you must see from the photo above of Sasia, that her soul was attracting The Divine… I feel now that she always knew her role in this past incarnation as beloved daughter and sister would be as ‘teacher,’ and that the lessons for her family would not come until she left her incarnation behind. Much like Houman somehow knew he had to go, to be there for me….and others.
Bless you, Alesia, for sharing with All ~ Mary Regina

    23 hours ago


    • Dear Alesia, May I please post the photo of Sasia with the umbrella onto a blog post on my wordpress blog? I will be finishing my accounting on there Sunday night, and would like to add that photo to a separate post before I end the blog.  If I may, you are welcome to tell me what you and Robert might want to ‘say’ about her/Houman on there…also, if you only want me/you to say “Sasia” or however you would like me/you to refer to her.  I just wanted to be sure to ask you about this, as I feel that that photo, with the white light, belongs on there, and that Houman would like to see it there, too, if it is something that you and Robert would like also. If you want only words from you and Robert, that is fine, too ♥ Blessings, Mary

  • Alesia Regan-Hughes

    20 hours ago

    Alesia Regan-Hughes

    • Mary, Yes that would be absolutely lovely and perfect!  I trust that anything you are guided to do with the blog will be meaningful and will come from love.  What I would say about this whole unfolding from my perspective, is this: I “found’ Mary’s blog quite serendipitously in Aug. 2011, which is our daughter Sasia’s birthday month, when I was looking for something about Houman.  We had studied meditation and Reiki with Houman in the 1990’s and held him in our hearts over the years, even when he moved from the area and we did not see him anymore.  Houman is one of the most beautiful Souls one would ever encounter…. “Jesus-like” is what I, my husband, and our daughter Sasia said about him.  A couple of times, I “googled’ Houman’s name to see what he was doing, and after the first time I did this, I discovered that he had drowned off the coast of Hawaii.  We were all so surprised by this news, and wished that we had spent more time with him while he was alive.  Although his presence in our life was brief, he had one of the most profound effects on our lives.  I didn’t quite comprehend it at the time, but I know now that part of the reason for this would be revealed to us later, after our daughter Sasia, passed away.  The second time I googled Houman was 2 months after Sasia passed away, in Aug. 2011.  I didn’t know at the time what compelled me to do this…. partly it was grief, I suppose, as I looked for something, anything to help heal my broken heart.  It was then that I discovered  Mary’s blog.  Because we had been having butterfly encounters all summer long that let us know our daughter was around, the name of Mary’s blog “Big Island Butterfly’s Blog” caught my eye, and I knew it was significant.   The first butterfly encounter we had was at my daughter’s memorial service at Strawberry Fields in Central Park, New York.  As I stood to speak about my beloved Sasia, a white butterfly fluttered all around me the entire time I spoke, prompting several people to comment on it after the service.  Afterwards, we noticed white butterflies all summer long, a gentle reminder that Sasia was around and sending us signs.  So…. the name was significant.  Then, I read that Mary had previously written about Houman, but that she had deleted the posts…. I assumed that she and Houman had known each other quite well, and that the blog had been a way to help her deal with the grief of his death.  So, while disappointed that the posts had been deleted, I understood (or thought I did) that she wanted to keep them private.  I left a comment on the blog about how meaningful Houman had been to us, and left it at that.  I didn’t hear back from Mary for months, because she was not writing on the blog at that time.  When I did hear back, Mary explained that she had not seen my comment until  then, as she had just begun sharing some new blog posts about her experience as the conduit for Houman.  I read her posts with great interest, recognizing Houman’s personality and way of being through Mary’s words.  I knew something unbelievable was happening.  I also knew that Sasia was in the place that Houman was (and is). My husband and I have been touched and comforted to know that she is in Houman’s presence, and that our lives have been woven together with Houman and Mary for some purpose that we still don’t quite understand.  We do recognize that this unfolding is powerful and filled with love, and that the communications we have had from our girl since she passed, are real.  Since her passing, Sasia has visited us in meditation, letting us know that LOVE is the most important aspect of existence, telling us that everything will be OK, offering us guidance, placing people in our lives to bring us just the right comfort or message at the right time, and showing us a host of symbols and signs that let us know she is around and communicating all the time….. as long as we remain open, she is able to share herself with us.  While I can say all of this with great certainty now, it was not that way for most of this past year.  I have had many peaks and valleys of emotion and belief regarding Sasia…. one day “hearing” her speak to me in a meditation, the next day wondering if it was all in my head.  This connection with Mary and Houman has led me to understand that the communication with Sasia IS  happening and that there is more to our lives than the physical forms we take to be so real.  Our physical bodies will die, but LOVE remains. That is real. Mary ~ I realize this is quite long!  Perhaps too long…. edit as you see fit.  It is not easy to describe this unfolding that has occurred in a way that conveys the absolute perfection and beauty of the whole experience.  I feel like you have done a beautiful job, and I look forward to reading more.  I hope you will consider continuing to write more as time goes on…. your words are very inspirational. Namaste, Alesia


    18 hours ago


    • Dearest Alesia,  I am very glad that you wrote all that you did, and all will go onto the special post about Sweet Sasia’s Soul ♥ I feel the Heavens aflutter with Joy at the Peace in your soul, and the beauty of your Heartful sharing with others who will read about our amazing realities crossing paths as they have. As “My Michael” likes to say, there are no accidents. It astounds me to this very day that when I first met him, he didn’t run in the opposite direction when he heard about my experiences with Houman’s soul. Thank you so much for your encouragement in my continuing to blog. I have thought of adding poems, but perhaps I will add a new page for general spiritual-type items…IF anything of great significance comes up around Houman, I will add that to the main page, but I don’t want to ‘dilute’ the accounting, or make it hard for anyone new who finds their way to the blog to take it all in. Well…dinner time 🙂Leftovers! Yeah! No cooking night! Much love, Mary  PS: we WILL meet in these lifetimes that have crossed paths on the spiritual plane, I am sure of it ~ xx

  • Alesia Regan-Hughes

    18 hours ago

    Alesia Regan-Hughes

    • Hi Mary,  Lovely response.  Thank you… I do look forward to reading more if that is what happens.  I honestly don’t think you could dilute anything…. it is like Life when it feels so real, one is hungry for it.  You have a beautiful understanding of Spirit and I love all of your words, even the ones that you “post” on FB.  They resonate with me, so yes, I hope you do continue to write!  And, I know we will see/meet each other.  We will visit you and your wonderful home….. and meet your wonderful Michael someday in the somewhat near future. Much love to you!! Alesia

  • Alesia Regan-Hughes

    7 hours ago

    Alesia Regan-Hughes

    • I do want to add that although I have a knowingness about Sasia and where she is, and yes, my soul is at peace…. the human part of me, the mother part of me still mourns her passing and I miss her terribly.  I think it is important to acknowledge the physical and emotional part of us, and do not want to give the impression that I am completely at peace with this….. but there has been incredible comfort in knowing that she IS ALIVE in another form, and that she is waiting for us on the other side when we will all be reunited.  Without this awareness, I don’t know how I could go on. Much love, Alesia


    a few seconds ago


    • BIG SMILES to know that you want to visit ~ and, YES, about your times of sadness and pain!  That is important, vitally important, to include. We all think of pain as something to only be suffered…YES…Your pain must be experienced as it arrives…and compassion for self and all others who have suffered similarly must be felt from within your own heart. [slight editing from me here: Through ‘events’ such as Sasia’s and Houman’s connection, from your heart reaching out, and mine feeling your pain, I KNEW ]that I MUST share, so others may find hope, maybe even faith…something I never believed possible. I didn’t even lose anyone [ I was 15 when we moved to California, and relatives who passed since were ‘not in my life anymore,’ so grieving didn’t really happen, just compassion for their families]…as I just typed that, I get it…I lost myself…I had ‘steeled my self’ to believing in anything ‘non-human.’ Amazing Grace has been my favorite song since ‘the time I first believed’…so appropriate for me…my soul was lost, then found, through love…Love that spanned time and space. I am so grateful to Love…to your soul…and the joy I feel for Sasia’s to have experienced, to continue to experience YOUR heart…Well, she is very happy that you reached out…that Houman made such an impact on you.  They embrace…I feel it…their souls are dancing with joy. Thank you, Alesia. I will add in this ‘bittersweet reality’ that cannot be undone, but without which we would never know true love….   Humbly, Mary


Comments on: "Sweet Sasia ~ Beloved Daughter of Alesia and Robert ~" (3)

  1. Alesia Regan-Hughes said:

    Mary, I appreciate your deep understanding of my thoughts, feelings, and this experience…. knowing that Sasia came here to teach us, then left here to teach us even more…. the message ALLways about LOVE. Oh my, it touches me so deeply to know and understand this and to feel her connection not only to all of us left on this earthly plane, but to Houman as well. Love so big for you too! Thank you for understanding me.


  2. Beautiful your words and the LOVE you expressed through them! Thank you for sharing your special connection with your daughter, I am sure she is with my beloved Houman and they are both assisting us in our lives! Thank you Alesia for trusting what is happening and the courage it takes to open oneself to the mystery of existance. Thank you Mary for being here for all of us, helping to see beyond the veil of life! I love you both!

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