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Oahu, 2012. This photo of me truly reflects MY mission.

So…I am back…and now there is one more post on my blog, after all.

It will be as brief as possible, but it’s VERY important, so perhaps not as brief as I might like it to be….although it is not “Earth shattering!”  Thank God, for that, as Houman has had more than his fair share of playing with me!  (That was my affectionate comment to Him, btw.)

So, what was not Earth-shattering, but deserving of another post?

I am going to write about some messages I felt from Houman while speaking over the phone with a person who contacted me to inquire about the work that Houman and Anadi did together. Although I could not answer the specific question he had for me, I knew Houman wanted me to speak with this person…that I had ‘other information’ he needed to hear, in order for his mission in Life to proceed, without distraction.

While we spoke, there was a lot of happiness from Houman for this person! It felt good to be a conduit, in that way, even though I have told others that I do not want to be their contact with Houman or to field questions for them…and, I still don’t and won’t, because I know it was not the purpose of Houman’s awakening me…but this person was ‘different.’ He didn’t ask me to ask Houman anything, but I knew he needed for me to help him out in another way, and I felt Houman wanted me to, and so did I. We spent about 30 minutes talking, and I feel we both left that conversation with more than either of us expected.

Ultimately, for me…during and after the conversation, Houman clarified for me, via this young man, that becoming enlightened in and of itself is not the goal of spiritual life.

One needs to not only be enlightened as to our Oneness but to live that enlightenment as a being of duality.

This may seem obvious to many who read this, but it helped me, too, so I wanted to post what I received along these lines.

A full spiritual life consists of:

1) awareness of our duality, while also realizing our Oneness – this is ‘the awakening’

2) deep gratitude to be aware/awoken – this is ‘the complete acceptance of the duality as a gift to one’s consciousness’….or the humbling of one’s heart to the blessing of being woken in your current incarnation

3) After that, those awake should try to pick a mission that is not destructive to The Oneness and is appropriate to one’s gifts and also to what makes one’s heart soar, and to live that mission…while also being human, because we ARE human for a reason.

The mission, itself, does not need to be anything typically ‘spiritual,’ nor is it normally. One does not need to become a monk…as separating oneself from society may actually be just another means of escape for some… not for all of course, but some.

For instance, one could be awoken and humbled and just commit to being a wonderful friend, or the best wife and/or mom or dad one can be, or shoot for the Head of State, if appropriate to one’s gifts… It doesn’t matter, as long as the mission is to grow more love here and now, as an incarnate being fully conscious of its Oneness with all.

This third component can be called ‘the surrender.’

So, there is:

Awakening, followed by acceptance, followed by surrender

and the surrendering takes place often, as we are continually given new opportunities to do so


Some additional thoughts I received:

Becoming one with The Oneness is just another thought…We ALL are ALREADY ONE. It is lovely to feel one with Oneness, but it is just a spiritual exercise, FOR MOST PEOPLE…it alone does not grow love, nor is ot a requirement to grow love.

Achieving a ‘woken state of mind’ doesn’t require hours of meditation, nor any special techniques…some are awoken abruptly, such as Houman woke me… Others, slowly…also, some souls are not meant to be woken in particular incarnations, and some are even born woken.

Neither Houman nor Anadi ‘cornered the market’ on how to become enlightened, although some who follow their work on Enlightenment have come to enjoy lovely states of bliss… which then may or may not help them to actually grow more Love on Earth.

Houman has made it very clear to me from the dimension he is on, and still does make clear to me, that the purpose of Life is to grow Love, the Oneness, in the Now that we find ourselves in…not to escape from it into an addiction to meditation or via any other addiction.

If meditation SERVES the growing of LOVE for all, wonderful.

If, however, meditation is believed to be the ONLY method of realizing we are One with Oneness, or meditation’s only goal is to ‘feel closer to The Divine,’ it is time to assess why you meditate. If it is a daily tonic to your soul which helps you to love yourself and other, lovely! …if it has become something you feel you MUST “master,” and once you have, you are ‘done,’ you are mistaken.

In other words, deep mediation alone will NOT bring you Enlightenment. For that to happen, one must go back to their duality consciously, and use one’s free will, freed by enlightenment, to grow pure love versus living an ego-driven life.

In fact, many souls do not ‘need’ meditation in order to live a life of  ‘Enlightenment.’

Yes, one can say that deep meditation CAN be a vehicle for some to grow pure love. Houman connected with me, a person who never even met him in his past incarnation, by ‘leaving some of his energy behind’ in a cottage I came to live in…he did that, from what I learned,  during intense meditation, and he was able to wake me…and now somehow we are in a manner of speaking ‘somewhat connected,’ although he is on another “The Cosmic Consciousness,”and I have been a conduit for him of some of his insight from that ‘other’/unseen dimension… he grew Love, without a doubt, via deep meditation.

(Again, only because he knew to leave behind ‘witnesses’ as to what he was trying to accomplish! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have believed any of this myself! Actually, had he not been sure to leave witnesses, I have to wonder if he’d have ever contacted me in particular…since I REALLY would not have believed ‘it’ to be real…again, since I would not believe without ‘proof.’)

So, he has grown pure Love (non ego-driven Love), in that way. He left love/his pure energy behind, not just for me but for US…for The Oneness…not just to do it, but to grow that very same Oneness. He spent his whole life in the pursuit of the understanding of  ‘the heart.’ I feel his heart learned how to use meditation to connect to Oneness.

So, yes…meditation can be a means for some to surpass time and space in order to connect, and that IS truly amazing.

Still, some people begin to think of the type and level of meditation Houman reached as ‘the ultimate quest’ … ‘the ultimate goal to shoot for in their quest for spiritually,’ and come to believe that not to do so means they cannot be one with Oneness, and have failed.

This is not so.

Houman reminds me:

WE are all God’s children, so you can only be one with God by being one with all…and there are many paths, but it always means NOT placing oneself above others, or ever thinking that you, or anyone in particular has ‘the true path to enlightenment,’ or that one incarnate being has ‘the only way’ to experiencing our Oneness.

There is NO one path in accomplishing Enlightenment, as we are all unique.

And, there is no one way of living your enlightenment, as we all have unique gifts to share.

So, whichever path you are on… IF YOU SEEK to feel your Oneness with the Divine, and never close your heart to that possibility, you WILL find that ‘knowing,’ with or without meditation….

THEN: the remainder of your path leads only to one place…which happens also to be all that truly matters:

Growing love in the here and now, while you are here and now, with whatever gifts you’ve been given, for ALL souls…seen and unseen, and surrendering to that, or re-committing if you will, every day.

This is your ultimate connection with The Divine: Living/growing Love.

It REALLY is that simple, but it starts first with growing that love for your own soul, via unconditional compassion (which may take some psychological work!), then for ALL souls, then acting from your heart, via a surrendered ego.

Enjoy finding your path… once you are on the right path, you will feel true happiness~

PS: From some emails, I believe some readers do not realize that all earlier posts than this ‘first page’ are found in the Archives links to the right of each page.


Comments on: " On ‘Living as an enlightened incarnate being’~" (4)

  1. I totally agree with you and Houman. Wonderful truths, inspiring insights. Love is the only goal….thank you Mary and thank you Houman for having shared this Truth with all of us! Much love to both of you!

  2. Dearest Teresa,

    You are such a sweet soul. I am reflecting on have I have been blessed in this particular incarnation, via Houman, to get to ‘know’ both your soul and others’ with so much love in them! JOY! The Divine grows brighter still from these amazing connections.

    Thank you for expressing your heart’s apprecaition for what The Divine brings to all of us, via all of US!!! Thank YOU, also, for your Love for all ~

    From my heart, I bow to you for the choices you have made to remain the wonderful soul you are, no matter what came, or comes, your way ~You are someone I admire for that. I understand this now.

    You have been living as an enlightened being… not easy, but also what brings us true pride…but, that is Love.

    xo, Mary

    • Thanks to you, dear Mary, thank you for your words, thank you for who you are, thank you for your choice of being at the service of the Divine Love…….

      • Oh, Teresa…I am reflecting…and I get this now…There’s, what we call in English, ‘a catch,’: Once one truly chooses to “Live Love,” one cannot un-choose, without one’s own soul suffering. I’m SO happy I got woken-up… If you will recall, at first – blogged about, previously – when I realized there were at least 3 witnesses about Houman’s intent to leave energy behind in the cottage, I HAD to accept it was all real…as real as it had felt, and still does.

        I cried about it, thinking… I didn’t ‘ask for this’, I didn’t ‘need this,’ and felt like…”D**m, now my life needs to change almost entirely!…

        lol…It has, because I knew then that I had no more choice other than to use my free will to ‘live my new knowledge of’ (not even faith, at that point) “the Divine” …

        I now think I was woken because I didn’t think I needed to be woken…I didn’t even believe in such things…and Houman’s energy helped me…US…IRONIC! The Divine is VERY FUNNY.

        I think Rumi wrote about that a lot… it’s SO true ~ SMILES and here’s a viritual hug! ~ Mary

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