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More evidence surfaced~

I recently called and spoke Live with, for the first time, a past girlfriend of Houman’s (“MJ”). She and I had a great talk. One of the things she shared with me was that she had no trouble believing that Houman had told me, during my re-experiencing of his drowning, that it was a suicide. She went on to tell me that one time they were next to a very high cliff together, and Houman suggested out of the blue that they hold hands and ‘just jump off together.’ They did not, of course, but it was just more proof that his ‘drowning’ was actually a suicide, and so I did receive the truth of it all.

Well…that is the one thing I came back on here to share.

Life continues to move forward, happily.  I feel as if I have finally fully ‘digested’ the blessing of both my near death experience from when I was a bit younger and also the amazing ‘delayed shared death experience’ plus the other connections that Houman ‘gave to me.’ I am now finding my way along the path of how best to give back to the world… how best to live my own life to create as much Love as I can.

Wishing all the best in your own journey through this wondrous UNI-verse!

xo~ Gina (Mary Regina)