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More evidence surfaced~

I recently called and spoke Live with, for the first time, a past girlfriend of Houman’s (“MJ”). She and I had a great talk. One of the things she shared with me was that she had no trouble believing that Houman had told me, during my re-experiencing of his drowning, that it was a suicide. She went on to tell me that one time they were next to a very high cliff together, and Houman suggested out of the blue that they hold hands and ‘just jump off together.’ They did not, of course, but it was just more proof that his ‘drowning’ was actually a suicide, and so I did receive the truth of it all.

Well…that is the one thing I came back on here to share.

Life continues to move forward, happily.  I feel as if I have finally fully ‘digested’ the blessing of both my near death experience from when I was a bit younger and also the amazing ‘delayed shared death experience’ plus the other connections that Houman ‘gave to me.’ I am now finding my way along the path of how best to give back to the world… how best to live my own life to create as much Love as I can.

Wishing all the best in your own journey through this wondrous UNI-verse!

xo~ Gina (Mary Regina)


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  1. Thank you Gina, for sharing the latest information on Houman. When someone passes whom we love, we are left with the sadness and shock…initially. But now, just now, I realize that Houman, like other spiritually enlightened people, was not afraid of death. And that is my takeaway from all you have shared of Houman, and other deaths experienced in our lives: Death is not to be feared, and life is to be lived full-out on purpose…whatever you deem your purpose to be. Here’s to our continued friendship and love…Robert Regan-Hughes

    • You are so very welcome, Robert~

      Life is amazing… death equally so, albeit it is very distressing to those ‘left behind’…
      What can we do to offset the loss? While we are still here. we have the tools we have been gifted with…and we do our best, knowing that we are in concert with ALL, affecting the All, even those who have moved forward. Houman made sure to tell me that we matter to those behind the veil…they need us…to Love.

      Thank you for your friendship and love. I am glad to know you and Alesia… I consider it to be another blessing from Houman. We all have been blessed by him, and have taken a beautiful, yet sometimes bewildering. journey together. May we keep stepping into the Light of Love…with confidence in our abilities to grow deeper and stronger Love wherever we go.
      I also look forward to our continued friendship and love.
      Give dear Alesia a big hug from me.
      Smiles and aloha~ Gina

  2. Regan-Hughes said:

    Hi Gina,

    I loved, loved, loved this. Robert read it out loud to me this morning. Lots of goose bumps and further confirmation and a reminder to us all that they are with us, and continue to spread their messages of love and Spirit.

    Thank you for sharing. Would love to chat sometime.



    • Aloha, Alesia~
      How very beautiful of Robert to read aloud to you this post. MJ shared this in response to my sharing that I did not think Babak was glad to hear the ‘suicide’ portion of what Houman had told me (while I re-experienced his drowning). I was grateful to her for sharing this, as I also needed some additional confirmation of this part of it all.

      She told me this months ago now, when I called her to see if she might want to meet you… I just didn’t think to add another post until the other day, after I was helping someone past David Bowie’s death and gave her the URL to the blog – she is a big fan, who apparently as a teen did NOT commit suicide (a couple of times) due to Bowie’s work. I hoped that she might feel some consolation in knowing he only transformed…

      Amazing how it all knits iteself together…this big Love we are all part and parcel with. I am very, very glad that my addiing this post was important for you and your dear Robert. I had no idea you would see it. I forgot that people can follow the blog 🙂

      Would love to chat with you, again, too~ I have always felt we would stay in touch over the years.
      Michael and I are considering a trip to the Northwest, possibly 2017, and may rent an RV. I would love for you both to meet him.
      Well…thank you both for writing… so lovely…glad to be a conduit. XOXO!

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