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To anyone who arrives at this blog;

This blog is the account of what I experienced in the realm of the paranormal: an NDE and ‘a shared death experience’ plus more…Since its completion, I have chosen to keep only some posts public, and also to end the blog, while also keeping my full identity and email private. My life as simply another child of God continues on… and I leave this all here in cyberspace with great reverence for God and all of ‘his’ saints and sages.

As I typed that, I must wonder if we are not all saints, in our own way…

Well…Many questions will not be answered until we return ‘ home.’ Until then, we have accountings such as mine, and the many of those others who have been through near death or shared-death experiences…in my case,  a ‘delayed shared death experience.’ I don’t know what else to call it. We also have accountings of paranormal experiences, which I also have had and have included some of…

I give the ‘evidence’ that convinced me of my own awakening…the day I first believed.

Ultimately, I know that unless these things have directly happened to ‘you,’ or you have good reason to believe those who have come forward (such as myself), much of this will seem either ‘silly’ to you or ‘suspect,’ or even sacrilegious to those with ‘tight’ religious beliefs… all I can say is…this all happened…and the evidence left for me, which I describe, convinced me to believe in my own experiences… some people benefitted from my recording it all…some have thanked me, either on this blog or via messaging…and I have been honored to have been of any help, in any way, to others.

I do hope that leaving my recording of what happened to me…leaving it  here in cyberspace …will perhaps assist another in finding at least some sense of peace about Life and Death, and perhaps even a belief in God, as I came to unalterably and quite unexpectedly have. Amazing Grace fell upon my life… leaving this here is part of my way of thanking God.

God bless you on your journey through the gift of your own Life~

“We are eternally given a plane upon which to exist…a garden within which we can grow our hearts…from The Divine Love from which we all sprang. Like children being let out to play, to grow and learn, and then return each evening into the arms of our loving parents…” ~ just from my heart, based on all I have experienced…

June 12, 2013


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  1. Alesia Regan-Hughes said:

    We knew Houman E. Emami and attended several workshops that he did in Seattle, including a Reiki weekend. Recently, our daughter died at the age of 25 and we were immediately aware that she would be joining Houmann…. we have immersed ourselves in books on NDEs, soul development, and connection to Source, since her death. We were drawn to your blog through a series of coincidental encounters…. I don’t know if you are still blogging, or what you are doing now, but I wanted to let you know that we are touched by this in a strange way. Our daughter, Sasia, has shown herself to us through butterflies, birds, and hummingbirds….

    • Dear Alesia,

      I have just tonight chosen to come back to this blog…I had no idea that there was a comment made last August.

      PLEASE FORGIVE such a very late reply. I do hope you are using the same email address, and that my reply will reach you.
      Edited 11-4-12

  2. name removed by request said:

    hello Gina. I was searching for info about Houman one night, as if out of missing him, and somehow have reached your blog. I am a student of Anadi. to my very deep regret I never had the chance to meet houman, but he has been always deeply special to me.
    I really wish to read your writings about him, and wished to ask you for permition to enter and read your writings, and understand its protected and can be viewed only with a password. I would appreciate your reply very much , and any sharing if you will be ready to share(: with me.
    Thank you, with love.
    ~name removed by request~
    (if its possible I would prefer my comment would be erased later on)

    • Aloha.

      I do hope this finds you doing well. I do hope this finds you at all, actually!
      Life is so unpredictable…

      Well, mine is coming along, and in the proper directions…

      When you first wrote to me, I had taken this blog private, as I felt at the time that I needed to.
      Now, it is public again and will remain so.

      You inquired about Houman. He is smiling…his soul is smiling. He tells me that you are a lovely person and he feels blessed to know you hoped to learn more about him.

      As you will read in this blog, now that it is public again, I also have never had the pleasure of meeting Dear Houman in human form. My first contact with him happened only via his riding the waves of Divine Intervention…

      I do hope that you will enjoy reading what happened…
      His contact has never faltered since. He guides me to this day, and I finally listen without fear.
      You see, I WAS a total and complete agnostic before his soul contacted mine. I was fully convinced that anyone who had any spiritual or religions beliefs was ‘off their rocker,’ as is said at times… little did I know how wrong I was. When I finally received my ‘scientific proof,’ from his soul… as you will read about…I could no longer deny that some of us actually DO get to know for certain about the existence of The Divine. I am one such blessed soul, at least in this incarnation.

      About your request to remove your inquiry..I am not sure why you would make that request. You have nothing to fear. I have removed your name.

      God bless you. Please fee free to write again, anytime.

  3. Hi, I cannot see the account of your experience you are referring to? i am interested in finding out about Huomani… i am reading aziz/anadi and want to know more… thank you

    • Aloha,
      Thank you for your contact and inquiry about the missing posts.
      Since receiving it, plus one other recent contact, I have chosen to make public again the blog posts of my experiences with the soul of Houman E. Emami (while still remaining somewhat anonymous).

      I have only one comment to offer about Aziz/Anadi. When I learned of the book they wrote together, I did contact Anadi via email, thinking he would want to know what happened. He did not express any thanks and simply told me, “Houman obviously wanted to move on and did.” He then added that ‘to be truly enlightened I had to travel to India to study with him.’ That is when Houman’s clear message to me of ‘no gurus’ made perfect sense.
      God bless you… I hope that my making the posts public again will assist you in some manner.

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